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Salvador Dali

Surrealist artist, who was famous for his extravagant personality as much as for his undeniable art virtuosity.

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Based in Limassol, CY our fund exists to discover, invest (directly and indirectly), advise and collaborate with great founders, investors, and projects all around the world.

JKR is an early stage venture capital fund launched in 2017. Since the foundation, we made investments into 10+ projects with a particular focus on entertainment area: esports, digital media and gambling.


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Charlie Chaplin

Comic actor - worldwide icon in the silent film era.

Entertainment is what we love and do

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Antoni Gaudi

Architect, best known for his remarkable work, Sagrada Família. His style is characterized by free-flowing forms, influenced by nature.

Our team

We value partners that are prepared to get started with only a handshake.

Our heroes are those who dare to dream boldly and make the impossible happen — not those who'd think within a box. We want to come up with the most ingenious ideas at the expense of speed and implementation.

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Nicola Tesla

Engineer whose discoveries determined our modern lifestyle.

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Christodoulou Hadjipavlou Avenue , 199, 34rd Floor, Limassol, Limassol 3036, CY