Our fund exists to discover, invest, advise, and collaborate with renowned founders, investors, and projects all around the world. We provide strategic support, consult on technology, operations, finance, and legal matters.

Alexander Gusev

CEO & Managing partner

What markets are we interested in as a Venture Fund?

As we stated before, "Entertainment is what we love and do." We gather ideas and projects, which put all aspects of the Maslow pyramid into context. The highest peak - self-actualization - is logically reflected in being your best self and satisfied with your performance while playing a game; whether it's competing with others or yourself.

It's no wonder we invest in entertainment as it allows a decrease in the stress level and makes room for positive emotions. We value that unique feature in entertainment - the opportunity to feel positive emotions, thereby, positively influencing a person.

We build an ecosystem. We understand that connections matter and that it's essential to capture all perspectives with any product or service to foster scaling. This is why the question "what next?" is paramount in our development process to see the entire complexity of the system.

Why digital marketing?

In this era where things happen in seconds, digital marketing is a vital force of communications and influencing the market. Content and information rule the world and determines the behavior of users.

Why B2B?

As a Fund, we can predict market needs since we are equipped with expertise and can deliver data-driven products in the B2B market. Providing composite views and solutions for, both B2C and B2B markets, allows us to find mutual winning points.

With one way, Las Vegas has no chance to be profitable.

Why esports?

It's a fact that eSports is the fastest growing sector of business. This is why it has become very trendy in VC's portfolios. It connects classic sports and betting, which makes it a scaling market.

Which projects do we choose?

When you have to choose, you often don't have any clear answer to it. You blindly make bets based on your instincts. Project are like living organisms. They come with so many variations, which can help you make the right choice.

Today I want to share with you what I have observed as the main traits any potentially successful start-up should have.

Business model

Keep it simple! Your evaluations of the market share, volume, and curve of growth shouldn't be exaggerated. As an investor, we don't expect you to build a rocket at the very beginning. We prefer to see a simple vehicle with the potential of becoming a Bond Car or a spaceship. So, simplicity and straightforwardness must be your watchword. This will eliminate confusions while pitching your project.


I reckon that relationships in investments are priceless. Just like in your private life, so it is in business. The world we live in is like a neural network with tight knots of relations. If you evaluate your network and those knots are not many, then you should re-evaluate your project.

Why are your connections poor? Or What can help you make more knots? If you have the answers to these questions, or your project already has a clear explanation of how it will create and develop these relationships, then you have a higher chance of getting chosen.

The same thing applies to your customers or users. If you haven't considered these vital questions on relations between your project and the end-point user, then your product or service has a reasonable weak point.

The soul of any project should be love. If there is no soul inside a project, nobody who loves and pushes the project to success, then it's simple. We do not take such projects.

It's a pure treasure to have a person who is the soul of a project. It's merely encouraging to have an individual who is dedicated to loving the project, fueling the project, and inspiring others within the team.

This feeling makes you pay more attention to details and gives you the needed motivation to create and develop your ideas. It also makes you and your team passionate and committed to the idea. We bet on such projects, and they always tend to succeed.

What we offer for your project?

It's completely normal, that at the start of a new great idea, a community of start-uppers' do not have the correct means for running their firm.

However, this aspect must be addressed since you've taken a bold step to launch a company and started operational activities.

As a CEO, I've had to deal with a bunch of operations as well. So I can tell you for sure that to see your project succeed, you must be confident with your back-office stuff, including people, finance, legal, infrastructure, and others. You must also have access to the niche network, reliable connections with experts, as well as with decision-makers. The sooner you start questioning these aspects of your business, the more effectively you will run the business.

Within the JKR Venture Family, we offer our portfolio project access to network-wide contacts, recruitments, advisors, HR operations, finance, as well as legal support.

Due to the expertise and network of our partners and advisors, we can guarantee a fast-track success for your company. Your projects receive a rocket-boost growth and for further development.


We provide an audit of the current situation in the company. We also advise, develop, implement, and administer these processes, as well as the infrastructure - open accounts, register entity, and taxes.

Your only job is to focus on the idea and the project, while we handle the rest for you.

The recipe for a great project

Deciding on which project to invest in can sometimes be tough. You never know for sure what will work.

So, when choosing a project, I listen to your pitch attentively and pick from a bunch of great ideas. Look for the main thing - the answer as to why a project was initiated?

In my experience, there are two possible answers - the pain one aims to solve or the dreams one dares to realize.

In the first option, entrepreneurs intend their vision on a niche's pain, their service or product aims to resolve. This was seen with Airbnb, Uber, and Netflix. Always ask yourself which pain your solution targets.

As for the second option, the famous illustration is the way of Illon Mask. He does things others dared to dream. It's as if he read all the fantasy books and decided to bring them all to life.

Why JKR?

Why start a Venture Fund? Is it just following a trend or it's an ancient practice? What is the nature of a successful VC fund? For me, the formula of a successful VC Fund is like a recruitment agency with money to invest.


People who love what they do always determine the fate of the entire company. And if you know where to find such people, then you have more than half of the advantage to succeed.

By hiring the right people, and offering them job security and satisfactory working conditions, you can be sure that things will get done. Things will get done tremendously well or with passion. But, it has no value, if it's not driven by a higher purpose, the idea or ideas, which are larger than life.

If you try to exclude one of these three ingredients, your project will fail. When an idea connects these three, then it results in a flourishing and purpose-driven VC.


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