#rules by Alexander Gusev

Alexander Gusev, Managing Partner of JKR, shares his views, opinions, and thoughts about life and business principles to follow.

About Passion

# Meditation. Meditation does not limit you as you can be transported anywhere.

# Silence.When in silence, a bunch of interesting thoughts come to your head, giving you a chance to concentrate and reflect.

# Traveling. While on a trip, you get to meet people from all walks of life and can easily talk about anything. This allows you to broaden your outlook in life.

# Music. As soon as you think about playing music, something transforms within you. Piano lessons definitely taught me to relax.

# “Sweet Dreams” by Eurythmics could be the soundtrack of my life.

My credo is Dream Bold

Alexander Gusev

# “Don’t be afraid to dream, dreams come true – you will be surprised how everything will come true”, – that would be my message to a younger me.

# For years now, I have kept a diary, where I save all my thoughts and ideas daily.

# I would love to have more children in the future.  

About Ideas

# Sometimes I get scared that I will give up without completing what I meant to do.

# Idleness or sport?  Even while idle, I still find myself thinking about something. I could be lying on the couch, but still, there is a vivid motion of ideas in my head.

# I am obsessed with finding meanings everywhere. I feel like this is symbolic and it’s my way of perception. Very often we just go around, sowing ideas, without even bothering to find out who first shared that idea.

I am crazy about ideas. If there are no ideas in my head, that means the end of me – death.

Alexander Gusev


# Lots of people hold on to the ownership of an idea – ‘my idea’ and they often suffer for it. But you have to learn to let go. If the idea actualizes, then this is already your contribution.

About Goals

# Shooting taught me not to think  Even when idleness –I’m sitting and thinking about something, I’m lying on the couch and still, there is a vivid motion of ideas in my head.

# You need to love and be obsessed with what you do. When you are encapsulated by what you do, even time stands still. You simply have to do the most for that goal.

# Hire people by what makes them enthusiastic.

# Set goals larger than life. Come up with a cool business idea. The same thing applies to startups. Your business idea has to be much bigger than money or the current wave of technologies. You should try to foresee future needs or explore new niches.

# Be careful of inputs.Don’t deviate from your goals just to get attention; instead, think of the value a person, product, or service can bring to the market.

# Chaos is a misunderstood order.I like to work with chaos. To make logical order out of that chaos, so everything runs like clockwork.

About Character

# Boxing – you fight and punch. You are overwhelmed by fear, but you learn to relax and not to go crazy. Then you miss one hit and want to take revenge. But first, you have to calm down and take control of the situation. The same thing happens in conversations. First of all, you want to answer, deny, and sometimes start a fight in an attempt to defend your point of view. But, you need to calm down, rethink the situation; this way, you avoid hurtful comments.

# Good athletes are not always good teachers. And vice versa! A theoretician can also be a good teacher.

You have to feel things by yourself, to state your thoughts, intelligently.

# Forgiveness. This is an essential trait, both in business and family. Forgiveness and openness. Without forgiveness, communities get destroyed.

# The presidency is like an exchange house.Candidates promote themselves, but it shouldn’t work that way. I think it’s vital that the people ask you to become a President. Same applies to providers of a particular service.

# Look for people who stimulate your brains and force you to think.

# Women, by nature, have more privileges.Only they can give birth – Life.

Epitaph: Did he do what he promised


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