Facilitation of high-returns and fast-paced firms, led by strong teams of experienced, proactive, and organized individuals, in order to build profitable entertainment businesses.

How big companies arise

JKR was born with an understanding of the amount of patience and nurturing required to grow businesses from tiny seedlings to thriving trees. How many opportunities are missed by companies lacking people who are passionate and empathetic about their products? We call them missionaries of ownership and decentralize decision-making.

At JKR, we create unusually supportive environments for businesses with huge potential.

We have discovered that robust innovations (business, strategy, and management) are rooted in decentralized decision-making, ownerships that drive long-term thinking, and missionaries that build better products.

We strongly believe that if you want to build a successful company, you need to attract missionaries, not just managers, and empower them to make decisions independently, thereby granting them ownership.

Experience forged in time

We have been forged by Parimatch, a hugely successful and precedent-breaking entertainment company. Parimatch has grown exponentially over the last decade, overcoming all constraints, from organizational to legal ones.

We have discovered a unique way of working with different facets of scalability, both growth factors, and limiters.

Parimatch has become an unparalleled source of insight on customers, innovation, building products, and more.

The character that defines our nature

JKR stands for Joker, a character, which depicts the most important wisdom embedded in our approach to investing in and building companies:


The Joker is numbered “0” - the number of unlimited potentials.

When we see ideas that have an unlimited upside - large size, high returns on capital, and can stand the test of time, we bet on it!


Our success is rooted in the company’s acceptance of risk that the Joker symbolizes.

We don’t wait for a green light or hold off until we’ve gathered all the necessary information people often think they require to make decisions. We are ready to make risky bets!


The Joker gazes upwards towards the sky and can recognize opportunities in the unknown.

We seek opportunities hidden in a world of constant flux and conventional truth, trying to seize the most exciting ones. We look beyond the obvious!


The Joker approaches things with balanced wonder and play.

The way we achieve the risk-acceptance mentality is by acknowledging what decisions we should consider wholly and what we should spare useless details and execute.

The Joker is your invitation to relax, play, and have as much fun as possible. The projects we invest in are the same way.